Edgar Allan Poe

Dawson Denning

Who was Edgar allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe was a very popular American writer who had a very rough life filled with sickness and death and lived in poverty for most of his life.

What was his childhood like?

His childhood was very rough, he had both of his mother die.

How big a part of his life was filled with sickness and death?

Most of it was, his mothers and wife all died of the same sickness.

When did he publish his first written work?

He published his first written work in November 1849.

What was his most significant work?

His most know work was a poem called the Raven.

What themes from his life are evident in his works?

Most people see how he had a tough life in his stories and some also say that you can see how he thinks.

Why was his death such a mystery?

His death is a mystery because most people don't know how he died.

What was Edgar Allan Poe's impact or influence on the world?

His impact on the world was that he gave so many people great literature.

What genre does poe's stories fall into?

His Stories fall into horror and mystery.