Stem Service Animal PSA

By: Tristian Whigham

How can i know who has a fake service animal in a business?

Some countries, such as the UK and Australia require service animals to come from programs recognized by a national power.

In the U.S., there is no mechanism in place for certifying service animals. Some programs certify the animals they train, but very few will certify animals trained by others for liability reasons. Certification is not necessary so long as the handler is legally disabled and the animal is legally trained as a service animal.

While a business cannot require certification as a condition of allowing a team to enter their facilities, they may ask what the animal has been trained to do and whether it is required because of a disability. Refusal to answer can result in access denial. If the owner does not answer "the task question" or the dog does not behave appropriately, regardless of whether it has a certificate, the business may have the animal removed.

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How much does it cost to get a vest.

Around 20 dollars and you can be a horrible person and exploit this law used to help people who actually need service animals.
Can You Spot a Fake Service Dog?