Third Grade News

May 16 - 19

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Phone: 780-7690


Thank you so much for all the amazing treats and goodies during Teacher Appreciation week! On Monday, you showered me with so many beautiful flowers. Tuesday, I received my favorite treats and snacks to last for quite some time! Wednesday you helped refill some our needs in the classroom with items such as post it notes and dry erase markers. Then Thursday, the notes and kind words written by the kids were so sweet. Finally, Friday the gift card to Starbucks and to get Massage was the perfect treat! I can't wait to start my summer off with a Massage:) Thank you again for a wonderful school year and for being such supportive and amazing parents!

Important Dates

Monday, May 16: Field Day

Wear Comfortable Clothes and bring water

Tuesday, May 17: Grade Level Talent Show

Multiplication Pizza Party during lunch

Wednesday, May 18: Award Ceremony

Thursday, May 19: Half Day, Talent Show

What are we learning this week??


Mr. Popper's Penguin Compare and Contrast

I Movie for upcoming 3rd Graders

Writing: Nonfiction Writing

Keynote Presentations about Penguins

Summer Writing Project


3rd Grade Review

Simple Machines

City Planning Presentation

After learning about the decisions and considerations that go into planning a city, students worked as a table to plan the perfect city. They first named their city, placed roads and water sources in their city. Then, they worked to decide what businesses they would need in their city and the placement for each business. Finally, they included housing and other recreational activities. Once their city was complete they presented their city and their rationale for each decision to the other groups.

Mahaffie Field Trip