Aphrodite (Venus)

The Greek Goddess

How Aphrodite became a goddess

The poet Hesiod said that Aphrodite was born from sea-foam. Most other people, on the other hand, said that she was the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Either way, she was a very beautiful goddess.

What was she the goddess of?

She was the goddess of love and beauty.

Who was she related to?

As some say, she was the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Hes siblings were, Ares, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Dionysus, Hebe, Hermes, Heracles, Helen of Troy, Hephaestus, Perseus, Minos, the Muses, the Graces, The Tree Nymphs, The Furies and The Gigantes.
Facts on the goddess Aphrodite

These are facts on the goddess Aphrodit