learn about the Sahara & how people adapt to its climate

The Sahara & its many landforms

The largest desert in the world & at a length of 3000 miles across northern Africa. The Sahara is nearly the area of the United States! The Sahara is made of 3 different types of landforms; ergs, regs, & hammadas.Ergs are great seas of sand with tall sand dunes that take up 20% of the Sahara. These dunes come in many shapes and sizes like humans and can be up to 1000 feet tall! They are shaped when enough sand comes together to form a small like tower. Regs are gravel-covered plains that cover 70% of the Sahara. They are the historic remnants of river and sea beds. Hammadas are high, rock-covered flatlands that take up a lot of the land of the Atlas Mountains.

The Wandering Tuareg

The Tuareg are a nomadic group of the Sahara. They live off trading & selling their animals, crops, & other things they may have. Living in the Sahara climate is hard so the Tuareg have to adapt to the heat. By wearing long, loose clothing, the Tuareg are able to move freely through daily life activities and be protected by the sun 's burning rays. The Tuareg take a very minimal amount of time to pack their things for they don't have very much and they move a lot. The Tuareg must move whenever they use up an area's pasture for their animals are what they live off of. The Tuareg have adapted to the conditions of the Sahara and live in the harsh conditions that come with living there.
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