He Said She Said

Courtney Roster & Mara Jessen


Men and women have different ways of approaching a conversation. Sometimes this can cause communication problems, often resulting in miscommunication.

Gender Differences

The main difference in the way men and women communicate is that women communicate to make connections and men communicate more to solve a problem. In other words, men don't like to communicate unless they have a reason. They believe there should be a clear purpose. There are several different things men and women do, and the reasons they do it. For example, women interrupt to show concern, men interrupt to change the subject. Generally, women give more compliments than men. They also apologize more frequently than men do, because men believe that it makes them weak.

Communication Problems

Because of the differences in the way men and women communicate, there are often communication problems. The biggest issue is miscommunication. Miscommunication often leads to frustration. Another issue with men, is that they don't like being told what to do. When a women says 'you should do this' it causes the man to feel hurt. Men want to be the "expert."
Gender and Communication: How Men and Women Communicate Differently