Tustumena Staff Newsletter

November 21, 2012

Lots of things going on/coming up soon.

With the Cash Raffle, a performance from Skyview (1:10 on November 27th), holiday parties, and all the other "normal" stuff going on, the four weeks before Christmas are going to fly by in a blur. So before I forget, "Thank You," for all you do and are about to do to make this a special time of year for your little ones.

We will be having a staff meeting on the 28th and every Wednesday this month, unless something unpredictable comes up. The agenda for next Wednesday is:

Report Card discussion- how many entries per objective is reasonable?

Special Event Calendaring- make sure everyone knows what everyone else is doing

Christmas party details... maybe a committee?

Doug will be out of the building on Nov. 27th for the Soldotna area configuration discussion meeting.

Report card discussion

Forgive me for pushing the season, but today as I put on one of my Christmas ties, I realized, that when we come back on Monday, there will only be four weeks of school left before Christmas, which means four weeeks before semester ends. Wow! Among other things, that means report cards. (Not going home until January.) This is just a wake up call that we will need to have a conversation about those pesky report cards and what we feel is a logical and reasonable standard for the number (range) of assignments that each reported objective should have minimally. I spoke with other administrators at the last admin meeting and there is not a set standard yet, I think we should get busy and set our own.