Career Project

By: Sameer Virani


My name is Sameer Virani. I am a person that is very involved in athletic activities like basketball and football. The job I want to be is an Athletic Trainer. Athletic Trainers treat athletes with injuries. I want to be an Athletic Trainer because I want to do something involved in sports. One of the recommended classes that I should take is Anatomy because it involves with Sports Medicine. I want to go to college because I want to find a good job. I want to work for a university like Oregon for example because they have a really nice facility. I want to go to the best college I can for Sports Medicine. I have joined the Sports Medicine Program which will help me in the future.

Personality Tests

Color Test Results: My true color is Orange. This means that I'm a person that needs fun, variety, stimulation, and excitement. I am easily bored if it is not interesting. I value skill, resources, and courage. I always try and entertain myself when I'm bored. It is hard for me to be academically interested in a topic. I learn with hands on activities, not listening.

Reflection: I think the descriptions fit me very well because I am everything in an orange. I can not do things that are boring. I have to be entertained somehow. I also seek trouble and I'm competitive when it comes to sports or games.

Holland Test Results: My results resulted in doer: I like working with my hands. For example, I love playing basketball. It is a passion for me. I am also athletic because I can play multiple sports. I also like working outdoors. I am definitely physically strong and reliable.

Reflection: I think this description fits me well because I am very athletic and love using my hands. My favorite hands on activity is basketball. It is a good exercise and fun to play. I am also very reliable and physically strong

Career Choices

I want to become an Athletic Trainer for my Career Choice. My alternates if I can't or don't become one are a Scout or a College Coach. I would want to become a Scout more because it would be more interesting if I watch and recruit good players. I would not want to become a College Coach as much because all of the college coaches are better than me. I don't care about jobs that make a ton of money. I just want a job that interests me, puts food on the table for my family, and puts a roof over my family. I would love to do something involving sports and I think being an Athletic Trainer would be a good choice.
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The colleges that I want to go to are the University of Texas in Dallas or the University of Texas in Austin. I want to go to these schools because they are good for Science. They are also good colleges.

University of Texas in Dallas:

Tuition Cost- $9,050

Scholarship Available- Yes

Degrees Available- Bachelor's, Master's, and Post baccalaureate Degree

Requirements For Entry(SAT Scores):

SAT Math- 590

SAT Writing- 530

SAT Reading- 550

University of Texas in Austin:

Tuition Cost- $8,532

Scholarships Available- Yes

Degrees Available- Bachelor's and Master's Degree

Requirements For Entry(SAT Scores):

SAT Math- 570

SAT Writing- 520

SAT Reading- 530

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