How to Help the people who need

a water scarcity solution "RAINWATER HARVESTING JARS"

Rainwater Harvesting Jars

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How it works ?

Rainwater falls onto a clean roof and is channelled along clean guttering. A punctured basin filters the water to stop any debris entering the jar. The jar is made from cement and is lined with plaster. the jar sits on a brick plinth and often has a lockable box containing the tap to prevent water theft.

How much does it cost ?

Depending on how much water you want ?

How often or how much it rains ?

I have researched and found that you can get:

  • 750L = $50 - Brick Jar
  • 500L = $42 - Ferro-cement Jar
  • 600L = $30 - Plastic Tube Jar
Which you might think is quite cheap, they live on only $2 a day.

If it is effective ?

Yes, it is effective in places that don't have a huge amount of money this an affordable option, if it rains

Where in the world is it used ?

It's used in places that generally get a lot of rainfall/water such as, Uganda