Demonstration of Skills - Rich Task

Sabreena Cheema at Fiorio

DATE & TIME: Wednesday May, 11th 2016 Around 4pm

Description of Activity:
Completing shampoo & conditioner hair wash along with a smooth blow-dry.

The wash and blow-dry are two main essential skills needed when working as an assistant at any hair salon, specifically at the Fiorio Salon. The wonderful services allow for a complementary head massage, wash and beautiful and elegant blow-dry.


The reason I chose to teach you this skill is because it is one of the most important skills I have learned. It gave me a base to further sculpt and create my own unique blow-dry. It also allowed for me to grow as an assistant by working and learning on different hair types. The longer I worked on this skill the more I have been able to perfect it. I think of it as a very valuable skill and would love to pass on the knowledge of how to perform a smooth blow-dry.


Step 1: Kindly ask client to put on a Fiorio Shmock
Step 2: Rinse the clients hair with water at the sinks
Step 3: Use shampoo that is suited for the hair of the client (For example: Fiorio Clarifying shampoo for dirty hair) and apply to the mid shift and scalp
Step 4: After two shampoos, rinse the excess water and place a hot towel under the clients neck for a more relaxing wash
Step 5: Use conditioner that is suited for the hair of the client, and apply on the ends of the hair
Step 6: With the remaining conditioner, massage the clients head for 2 minutes
Step 7: Thoroughly rinse the hair and wrap it into a towel turban
Step 8: Walk the client to the blow-dry station
Step 9: Pre-dry the hair and comb through with required products (For example: De-tangler)
Step 10: Section the hair using clips
Step 11: Blow dry the hair using a round brush


1. Hair washing sinks
2. Shmock
3. Shampoo of choice
4. Conditioner of choice
5. Hot towel
6. Comb
7. Products of choice
8. Round brush
9. Styling clips
10. Blow-dryer
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Special Instructions for teacher: None
Approved: Date, Time & Activity: All Approved