Dress for Success

Dressing for job interviews, the good and bad.


Although you may see carpenters as just dirty workers that design houses, but really, the career of a carpenter includes planning stages to. You don't just get on the field and design there, you have to go to pen and paper, designing on computers, etc. So when you dress for an interview as a carpenter, don't think you don't have to look good. Don't go in a hard hat or something absurd, but instead, dress in attire that is suitable for the job (Ex. Polo Shirt, khakis, church clothing, etc.) Dressing in a suit may be overboard, but if you own one and feel the need to wear it, go ahead, there is no such thing as "too nice".


Lawyers are supposed to dress in sharp clothing. Their job requires them to look professional to a judge to win debates. For an interview, the lawyer needs to dress in at lease a suit and tie, for ladies, the same. Dresses are too casual, and don't look as professional. Again, you want to look like you put effort into the interview. A t-shirt and jeans are not acceptable. Wear what you would wear in the court room.


Although firefighters wear suits during work, they still have to make a good first impression. You don't want to dress in a t-shirt again, but instead do similar as the carpenter. Jeans are OK, as long as you have a good shirt. Your shirt needs to be button down, or a polo shirt. Look casual. Wear nice shoes as well. Make sure if you wear jeans or khakis, that you leave phones or anything but your wallet in your pocket. If you do choose to bring your wallet, keep it in the back, so it is harder to notice, and not like a brick in your pocket.