Of Mice and Men


Lennie's Story

Lennie was born with some sort of disorder that makes him very unknowing of how strong he really is. He lived with his Aunt so the story said, then she died and George promises Lennie's Aunt that he'll watch after Lennie.

Lennie and George's Relationship

In the beginning of the story. George and Lennie are in a bus heading to their new job. They plan on getting enough money together to get a ranch of their own in the future.

People That Lennie Meets At The Ranch

Penny sings Soft Kitty again for Sheldon

Lennie Would Like This Song...

Because Lennie likes velvet fabrics and soft hair which is shown when he's talking to Curly's wife, but accidentally kills her.

The Impossibility of The American Dream

Of Mice and Men's theme, in the story most of the characters have a dream that allows untarnished happiness- which in most cases is the American Dream. But during the story, the circumstances given to the characters prohibit their dreams... Such as Curley's wife, wishes to be a Hollywood actress, but she married Curley which is stopping her from following her dreams. Then there's Candy who latched on to Lennie and George's dream of owning a few acres of land for a farm. But these dreams are halted when Lennie accidentally kills Curley's wife while feeling her soft hair that he likes so much.