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Wilco Middle High

The word of the year is literacy.

Literacy is more than just the ability to read and write. Literacy is the ability to communicate effectively. In order to provide our students with this ability, we must all work together. Collaboration is what I'm here for. If I can assist you with anything, don't be scared to ask!

Things that We Can Do For You

  • Compile websites and e-books for your class assignments
  • Talk about books
  • Co-Teach a lesson/unit (in your classroom or the library)
  • Assist with research
  • Teach web programs and tools
  • Order videos, books or other materials
  • Design tutorials and lessons
  • Help in any other way!

Technology! There’s so much of it coming!

Staff Responsibilities Regarding Classroom Technology

  • Sign up for technology using the Sign Up Geniuses provided for you. We will not issue any technology to you until you have done so.
  • If you request more than 20 iPads, you must sign up for more than one cart. No partial carts will be issued.
  • Please, please, please return the technology in the condition that it was issued to you. This includes: all devices in working order, all devices in the correct cart put away and plugged in, cart securely closed.
  • Tip: Establish rituals and routines with regards to technology in your classrooms. Having students to properly store technology eliminates time spent doing so for you and us.