Dairy Queen

by Kayla Davison


A small town county girl named D.J is asked by the rival coach Jimmy Ott to train their quarterback. Brian the quarterback is a self centered jerk who didn't want to be trained by a girl but he didn't want to get benched so he did it. D.J and Brian don't get along at first but as the summer progresses they become closer and closer.

D.J is starting to take a liking to football so she goes and talks to the coach about her being on the team. She didn't tell anyone because she didn't want anyone to know about it not even Brian. One day while they are training Brian kisses D.J and she gives him a bloody nose by accident. D.J goes to try outs and when she is leaving a bunch of boys from the rival team are there. Brian sees D.J and gets this look on his face like he has just been slapped in the face. D.J tries to make up with him but he just said I wouldn't have trained with you if i knew you were going to be playing against me.

D.J and her best friend Amber are at a party when Amber tells D.J she is in love with her. The game finally came up and she didn't play the first half. The coach put her in the game in the second half. They ended up winning.

I feel like the point of the story is that girls can do anything that boys can. Another reason is people don't have to be cows and do what everyone tells them them they have to do.


Brian Nelson

I feel like Brian was a terrible person. He was a total jerk at first to her when he had no right to be. As the story progressed he got better but when he wasn't around her he was not a very good person. He goes and kisses her then when he calls her he is with another girl. He made the call very short and just told her he had to go. I feel like he is a player and will never be a faithful boyfriend