Let's stop torture

Torture is a moral issue

Pope John Paul II commented on Jesus's crucifixion and the problems that tortured victims face today:

“The imprint left by the tortured body of the Crucified One, which attests to the tremendous human capacity for causing pain and death to one’s fellow man, stands as an icon of the suffering of the innocent in every age: of the countless tragedies that have marked past history and the dramas that continue to unfold in the world.”

The use of torture is a threat to human dignity and a violation of respect.

The CIA torture report

The report gave key facts about the CIA's use of torture on its detainees. They included interrogation techniques that were more brutal and employed more extensively than the agency portrayed, the interrogation program was mismanaged and was not subject to adequate oversight, the CIA misled members of Congress and the White House about the effectiveness and extent of its brutal interrogation techniques, interrogators in the field who tried to stop the brutal techniques were repeatedly overruled by senior C.I.A. officials, the CIA repeatedly under reported the number of people it detained and subjected to harsh interrogation techniques under the program, at least 26 detainees were wrongfully held and did not meet the government’s standard for detention, and finally the C.I.A. leaked classified information to journalists, exaggerating the success of interrogation methods in an effort to gain public support.