Nikola Tesla

By: Bailey Kuphal


  • Famous invenor
  • Birth date (july 10 1856 - jan. 7 1943)
  • Impact of society
  • Mother + Father

Nikola Tesla

  • Inventions (tesla coil, the neon light, laser, remote control, Robotics and the alternating current)
  • Impact of society
  • How he became an inventor

Work and School

  • Graz university
  • Prauge University
  • Tomas Edison Co.
  • Langueges (English, Italian, French, German)
  • Thomas Edison Co. 1889 (eleaphant)

Alternating Current

  • It is a circit that rotates itself over and over again.
  • What it impacts
  • His best invention
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Tesla Coil

Nikola tesla invented the tesla coil trying to transmit electricity through the air. He used his AC to power his coil. Tesla wanted to make powerful energy into even more powerful energy, and that is exactly what he did.

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Tesla cage of death