Paige Cruse

Is propane renewable or non-renewable?

Propane is a non-renewable energy source. Natural gas is formed from the remains of plants and animals. It cannot be produced at a rate of which can support our needs.

Is propane found on earth or is it produced with technology in a factory?

Because propane has natural origins, it is not "made" of other raw materials; instead, it is "found" in petroleum chemical mixtures deep within the earth.

How does propane work to produce energy for groups or individuals?

Propane works to produce energy for groups and/or individuals by providing a source of fuel for a individual by heating their home, and cooking food indoor or outdoor. For communities propane provides fuel for individuals to get from place to place. Also propane can help worldwide by producing fuel for heavy machinery, and farming tractors.

Are there products created or other uses for propane?

Massive Propane Explosion - LPG filling station - Bucheon, South Korea (Sept 11, 1998)

Who uses propane?

Farmers, individuals, businesses, industries, and communities.

Is propane expensive?

According to a recent U.S. Department of Energy study, electricity costs twice as much as propane. Homes fueled by propane often have a better resale value and require far less energy. Consumers can save up to $300 annually by switching to a propane gas furnace and $150 each year with a propane water heater. Our local propane store (Stricks LP Gas) sells a 4.5 gallon (20 pound) propane refill for about 14.00 dollars. A 22 gallon (100 pound) propane refill would cost about 67.00 dollars.

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