Custom Domains

Use your own custom domain for your flyer!

You've asked for it, and now you have it!

Now you can connect a domain name to your flyer and have point to any flyer of your choice!

What's a "domain name"?

Almost every website has a domain name. Google's domain name is "", Facebook's is "" and so forth. Some domain names end in ".net" or ".co", but the concept is the same.

Anyone can buy a domain name from a domain registrar like (recommended!). Domain names cost about $10 a year.

If I have a domain name, how do I make my flyer work with it?

If you want your domain name to point to a flyer, you need to tell your registrar that your domain should point to Smore. In more technical terms, you need to change your domain's nameserver. This may sound complicated but it's actually very common and simple to do with most registrars.

Once you transfer your domain to Smore, you'll need to change the setting on your flyer and tell it that it's supposed to work with that domain.

How do I "change my nameservers", or whatever?

We have a page all about that here. It's very incomplete for now, so we urge you to contact our support if it doesn't help you.

If all else fails, Google "configure name server <registrar>" (replace <registrar> with the name of your registrar or domain provider (e.g. GoDaddy, Tucows, Namecheap, etc).

Another way to do this is to go find a technical person and tell them:

"I need to change my domain's name servers to and!"

They can probably help.

How do I configure my flyer to work with my domain?

First, complete the step above. Otherwise this won't work!!

Once you set up your name servers, go to your flyer and click "Settings" on the bottom right. In the big gray box, put your domain name and click "Save" to save. If you want to test the domain, click "Test".