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This is the Poland flag

The red and white are of a heraldic origin. The flag got adopted on February 9, 1990.

The colors red and white have been on the flag since 1831. The origin of the flag associated with the Piast Dynasty. They chose the colors red and white because they are usually found in the military flags and royal standards.

The EU

Poland wasn't a founder of the EU, but joined the European union on May 1, 2004.

Before Poland joined the EU it was in the USSR.

Poland is in Central Europe, and is bordered by Germany to the west, north of the Baltic Sea, northeast of Russia, and bordered east of Belarus, and south of the Czech Republic.

Poland's capital and major cities

Poland's capital is Warsaw. Four major cities in Poland are Lódz, Kraków, Wroclaw, and Poznan.


People are attracted to The historic city of Cracow, the resort towns in Zakopane, and a restored old town in Warsaw.

Poland's physical features

Oder, Vistula abd Warta are the countries major rivers! There is the Bleedow Desert, and the major ranges of Poland is the Sudetes and the Tarta mountains.


Poland's government is a Republic with 560 members in its legislature.

Currency type

Poland's currency is Polish Zloty!

Three Interesting facts

Poland is the ninth largest country in Europe!

Burek is the most popular name for a dog!

Poland is the worlds biggest Amber exporter!