Connecting modern literature to Greek myths

About the novel...

Describe the basic plot of the novel you are reading to inform your audience. Remember, an effective speech will grab your audience's attention at the beginning with some kind of catchy intro. Do not rely only on what is on the screen to carry you through your speech as you will lose the attention of your audience. Use the notes up here on the screen as backup. On the right, insert a picture that relates to your novel (perhaps the cover art?)

Featuring __________________ as the Protagonist

Describe the protagonist/antagonist/main characters of your novel here so we know who you are referring to throughout your presentation.

STRETCH your mind to make some connections between really old and really new literature

More connections/comments & don't forget to embed some audio in your flyer! (This IS required - see the audio button at the bottom of the screen.)

Personal Review of the Book

Conclude your presentation with your own critique of the book and some final comments about how Greek myths actually DO connect to modern day literature.

Be prepared to answer questions such as...

Who would you recommend this book to?

What is the genre of the book you read?

If there were a sequel to this book, would you read it?


Audio Requirement by MissLiteratureTeacher