Video Game Programmer

By: Garrin Kerr

What I do:

lI will plan and write video games.

lI can find the most useful way to plan your games.

lI work with a team of people to design and implement the newest and greatest games.

What I need to know:

You will know computers, operating systems, and computer software.

What experience do I need?

lDegree in computer science

lOn the job experience

lTraining in video game development


lThe average income for a Video Game Programmer is between $54,600 and $80,300 per year.

lThe top 10% earn more than $105,700.

lThe Video Game Programmer’s job security varies with the video game industry’s needs.

What skills do I need?

I will need to be able to:

  • Communicate with other people
  • Good mangement skills
  • write good