INVESTING in your E-Portfolio

Creating your INVEST Binder Digitally!

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Are you in a BIND to complete your INVEST Binder?

Are you trying to figure out a way to successfully collect all of your artifacts, complete all of the necessary forms and paperwork and present it neatly or even creatively to your appraiser! Look no further! Create an educational electronic portfolio!

FIRST: How would you rate yourself using technology applications?

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you describe yourself when it comes to using Technology Applications?

  • ONE: I need assistance with Application and Windows Software (Word, PPT, etc).
  • TWO: I know what Tech Apps are but how do I use them in education?
  • THREE: I'm good at using Google Apps, just need a little guidance.
  • FOUR: I love Technology Apps and want to see how to SMASH them together!!!
  • FIVE: I want to use a variety of Tech Apps in my digital LIVEBinder!

Regardless on where you rated yourself, there is an option below that can help you meet this INVESTment!

Where should I begin?

When starting a digital portfolio, you first step is collect all of your artifacts digitally. This means, scan all printed documents (using an app on your mobile phone or a printer with a scanner--like the copier at school), and save all images, videos, and student examples in a folder in Google Drive, DropBox or on your flash drive.

Go ahead and complete all of the artifact reflection sheets for your artifacts and sort all files, images, videos, etc in their own folder by domain. This will help cut down on the time required to input this information.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have any documents to you can fill out in a word/excel document (i.e. the professional development log, action plan), upload those into Google Drive and complete them in Google Docs and Sheets.

Level One Suggestions

At this level, the suggestion would be to get your feet wet a bit with a Google Slides presentation. Google Slides is Windows PowerPoint and completely digital. Create the entire binder by embedding the website links for all documents (that are in Google Docs) websites. Include photo graphs and explanations of your work! Check out the video below to understand how to add hyperlinks to a Google Slide Presentation.
Adding Hyperlinks in Google Slides

Level Two Suggestions

At this level, the suggestion would be to stick to ONE Technology Application that you like and create your entire binder here! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Flipsnack
  • Powtoon
  • Movenote

Level Three & Four Suggestions

At this level, the suggestion would be to showcase yourself and how tech savy you are with a wonderful, yet simple website!

Keep it simple, Only include the four domains and on that page showcase your artifacts.

Here are a few FREE website builders that can help you showcase yourself as an educator:

  • Weebly
  • WIX
  • Google Sites

Level 5 Suggestions

Here you can showcase all of your tech talents by SMASHING lots of Technology Applications into a digital binder using LIVEBINDERS!

Resources to make your INVEST Portfolio's POP!