Fears & Anxieties of Children

By: Aspen Reeker


  • Certain objects
  • Child may feel extremely alert
  • Natural and appear at certain times throughout development
  • Develop from traumatic experiences
  • Associated with avoidance, discomfort, and physical complaints: rapid heartbeat, stomach pain, trembling, sweaty palms
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  • When a fear persists beyond the appropriate age and is beginning to interfere with daily functioning
  • Developed by the people they meet in their everyday lives
  • May be cured by a psychologist
  • Desensitization- child will become less sensitive to source of fear as they get confronted
  • If fears do not occur with daily life, consider psychological help
  • Exposing your child to the source of her fear in small doses

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Infant and Toddler Fears

  • 43% of 6-12 had many fears and concerns
  • Fear of darkness
  • Strangers
  • Separation from parents
  • Large objects
  • Loud noises

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Preschool Fears

  • Imaginary figures(Ghosts, monsters)
  • Supernatural beings
  • The dark
  • Certain noises
  • Sleeping alone
  • Thunder
  • Floods

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School- Aged Children And Adolescent Fears

  • More realistic
  • Physical injury
  • Health
  • School performances
  • Storms
  • Death

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Anxieties Among Children

  • Social Anxiety- Children fear and worry in situations where they have to interact with other unfamiliar, also familiar people, or be the center of attention
  • Separation Anxiety- Fear and worry children experience when they cant be with their parents or guardians
  • Generalized Anxiety- Children tend to worry about many areas of life

*The feeling of anxiety is more general

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Helping Overcome Fears

  • Acknowledging their fear- Observe things that the child does that may cause them to be frightened and scared
  • Talk it out- makes it less overwhelming
  • Giving breaks
  • Build up the child's confidence and self- esteem- giving more opportunities
  • Spend extra time with your child when they seem to be afraid

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