Egg in Vinegar.

By: Kassi Johnson

I chose to do an experiment to see if vinegar would take the shell off of an egg. I first put vinegar into a beaker then I put the egg into the beaker. I let the beaker sit for three days. When I came back to school I went into check on the egg. I took the egg out and I could see right through it. I tested my hypothesis and it worked.

Scientific Method Steps.

  1. Will vinegar make the egg see through?
  2. I think it will make the egg see through.
  3. I put an egg in vinegar and waited three days.
  4. When I put the egg in vinegar it looked like a regular egg, when I came back three days later it was completely see through and the yolk of the egg had made a separate pouch on the side of the egg. I then let the egg sit out for a day and I came back and it was hard and dried out.
  5. Yes, my observations do match my hypothesis. The vinegar made the egg clear so I could see through it. It took the shell completely off.

Egg Pictures.