The Island on Bird Street

By: Hillel Halkin Written by: Clara Neal 3B-A ELA


This story is about a little boy named Alex. When they woke up they heard bombings and sirens. The Germans were coming. They lined up outside. The Germans were sending away the people they didn't need (Jews). His father had a plan. When I give you a push you run. When the time was right he pushed Alex, I will see you in a week or a month. Alex ran to the old house the Germans were coming after him. Once he was in the tiny hole the Germans could never get him. Only a small child like him could fit in it. Soon the Germans left. Now he was there alone. He remembered when his mom left to go on a trip. She never came back. His father said that someone saw here and took her away. She is now stuck at that unknown place. Boruch was the man who gave tickets to the people who were getting on the train. Boruch knew him pretty well. Alex would have him over for dinner sometimes. Alex wondered where he was now.

Character Traits

Alex was a very smart kid he new what to do and what not to do. Alex knew to not go out of the house so he didn't. Even when his father was at work he knew not to go out of the house. Alex was a young boy probably about 11. He has brown hair. His father was very kind and sweet. His father was protective. He wouldn't let Alex go out of his sight. His father always knew where he was. His father wouldn't want him to get lost or hurt. He knew that he was to put Alex in a safe place so Alex wasn't supposed to get hurt. Boruch was a strict man but he had a nice and sweet side. He was the man who gave out tickets to the people getting on the train. He was like a grandpa to Alex.