My Odyssey: A Vacation For The Ages

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Venice Beach (Los Angeles, California)

The first stop on this beautiful tour is Venice Beach. This is a great destination for anybody who has interest in anything from surfing and swimming to music and art, or people who just enjoy getting some sunshine! This will always have a special place in my heart because it is where I learned to do most of the things I love to do today, I learned to surf, swim, and spent long hours learning guitar on the sandy shores, watching as the bright sun sent shades of pink through the sky as the sun set. Due to the seemingly always nice weather you can go for a nice stroll on the shore or bring it up a notch and go for an intense run. This is a great place to bring friends and family and once you get here it is absolutely free!!!!

Cool Facts:

1. Venice Beach is the second largest tourist attraction in Southern California behind Disneyland.

2. The first ever documented surfing demonstration took place at Venice Beach in 1907.

3. There were 16 million visitors in 2004; 7 million were under 35

"The greatest beach on Earth" LA Times

3 Time winner of the "Sunniest place in America"- Time Magazine

The Fonda Theater

The Fonda is a very large music venue located in Hollywood, California. This is an amazing destination for anyone who loves music of all genres, The customer service is great it is child friendly and the food speaks to you like a call from the heavens. Most concerts are fairly cheap running from $10-$30. This venue has a very special place in my heart because it is one of the places where i really grew a love and passion for music. Having seen over 35 concerts at this venue I do not regret one. One night you could be dance the night away and another night you can enjoy the groovy guitar player in a Jimi Hendrix cover band.

Cool Facts:

1. Built in 1924

2. 7th Largest venue in Los Angeles

"Greatest venue in Los Angeles"- LA Times

"Best Food EVER"- Entertainment Weekly

Minniehaha Falls

The last and final stop is Minnehaha Falls, a simple yet beautiful experience (just not in the winter). It is surrounded by beautiful green trees, enjoyable bike paths and walkways. It is a great place for anyone and everyone especially people who love nature. I think it is a great place for family activities including bike rides, playing catch, and picnics. This is a great destination at no cost it is a great time waiting for everyone!

Cool Facts:

1. The waterfall stands 53 Feet high.

2. The water source is the Minniehaha Creek.

"Prettiest Area in all of Minnesota" -Star Tribune

Winner of "Best Park 2012"- The City Pages

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