Move to the New England colonies

It's a Great Place


Economy: Native Americans taught English settlers how to grow many crops, such as Indian corn, pumpkins, squash, and beans, whales, get fishing.

Slaves in Africa

The slaves were part of a community and were often treated as servants rather than property. slaves had been part of the social and economic system since ancient times.The slaves were loaded aboard European ships headed for the American

life/ Kids

New England school had only one room for student all ages. At that time the government was taking children from their mothers even working. The mothers do not agree that taking her children to work.


On Sunday they don't allowed to anyone to play game or drink or eat food or joke do it in Sunday. The women sat on one side and man on the other side of the church. Black Indian stood in balcony at the back. children had separate pews, where an adult watched over them.

Colonies Government

The legislature is group of people who have the power to make a lower.Each colonies had it's own rules who could vote By the 1720s, all the colonies had lows that restricted the right to vote to white Christian men over the age of 21. The bill of right is written list of freedoms the government promises to protect.


Geography is the study of people, their environment, and their resources. Their are five themes of Geography, the first one Location In latitude and longitude and relation to another place. The second one is place that is physical features and human feature. The third one is Interaction that people change the environment. The forth one is Movement that travel from place to place and exchange of good and ideas. The five one is Region that United similar physical conditions and by common culture traits.

people in the colonies

The man and women have to work to bring their foods and to life. They have to cut the tree to make the houses because they did not have a rock. some people don't have the food and houses. In the winter Sometime the people move to another place to find new houses and foods. A lot of people dead because they don't have food to eat and houses to life.