Finding Food On A Tropical Island

how to find food on a tropical island

How to Catch Your fish

Your best source of food on a tropical island will probably be fish. In order to catch fish you will have to go in shallow water. Take a long stick and try to make it pointy at the end. Go into the water and stand on the rock, if there is any, so you wont startle them.
Then when you see a fish put the spear besides you and throw it and aim for the fishes head.

Look For Familiar Foods

  • Search for food like coconuts or plants, something that you no isn't harmful
  • Don't eat mushrooms or berries, unless you know what kind and if they are Poisonous
  • As another source of Protein you can eat ants (make sure there dead first), grasshoppers, and grubs.

Make sure To Check if Your Food Is Poisonous

  • Oysters, Clams and seaweed can all be eaten, if they are already open they are usually okay to eat, but if they come apart easily they are probably diseased.
  • If it is possible to cook your food, do so, because you can burn off parasites or poisonous substances
  • Rub whatever you are going to eat on the back of your hand first to see if the area gets irritated, if it gets red after several minutes don't eat it.
  • If nothing happens then, try rubbing it against your lip or tongue and if no reaction occurs the food is most likely safe to eat.