Fall Newsletter

PMEA District 12 - October 2016

President's Message

...And We're Back!

On behalf of the District 12 Board, I would like to welcome my fellow PMEA members back for another school year. My name is Craig Snyder. I teach at Penncrest High School and I am honored to serve as your PMEA District 12 President. Whether this is your first year teaching, your last year teaching, or (like me) you are navigating the sea of years in between, I hope you find fulfillment in your endeavors as well as inspire those students in your classes in the same way that your music teacher(s) inspired you.

Our board has undergone a few changes since the last time I corresponded with you, and I would like to introduce them here:

President - Craig Snyder

Vice President - Dr. Erin Kauppila

Past President and State President - Henry Pearlberg

Secretary/Treasurer - Kevin Cooper

Elementary PD and State PD Rep - Maryellen Byrne

Middle School PD - Shawn Lee

High School PD - Mike Shoremount

Higher Ed PD - Dr. Greg Martin

PCMEA Rep - Rachel Schuck

Webmaster/Audition Chair - Ryan Fegley

Adjudication Chair - Dan Drew

Advocacy Chair - Scott Cullen

Festival Coordinator - Jack Hontz

Fest Coordinator - Kathleen Boyer

Liaison to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia - Sister Lauretta Linsalata

Congratulations and bravo to our fellow members who take on these tasks in addition to their regular teaching responsibilities. They ask that every member find a way to contribute to PMEA, whether it be through filling a board position, hosting or co-hosting a festival or fest, or simply seeking out tasks that need to be done and doing them. Anyone interested can contact me at any time at president@pmea12.org. Have a terrific school year.

Fest Notes

My name is Kathleen Boyer and I am the Fest Coordinator for District 12. You can reach me via e-mail at fests@pmea12.org. If you have never participated in a fest, and would like to be involved, you can e-mail me and I will direct you to the appropriate host of the fest for your grade level and field. In District 12, we host the following events: 5/6 Chorus Fest, 5/6 Band Fest (Chester County), 5/6 Band Fest (Delaware County), 5/6 String Fest, 7/8 Chorus Fest and 7/8 String Fest. PMEA defines a fest as a one-day event. You will be required to prepare your students before the day of the fest and then attend the entire day of the fest with your students. Most of our fests have hosts, locations and dates in place. Please go to the PMEA D12 website at www.pmea12.org to see the events and locations. New participating directors can also contact the host directly. We are very proud of the many opportunities we offer to our younger students. If you have never hosted a fest and would be interested in “learning the ropes”, contact me and I will be able to explain the procedures and talk with you about hosting in the future.

Choral Music Performance Assessment

The PMEA District 12 Choral Music Performance Assessment will be held on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at Immaculata University. The purpose of the assessment is to provide opportunities for choruses to perform for their peers in a formal concert setting and to receive an evaluation of their performance by noted experts in the field of choral performance. The MPAs also provide an opportunity for students and directors to hear performances of their peers and learn from hearing those performances. For more information, contact our D12 Adjudication Chair, Dan Drew at daniel.drew@rtsd.org.

Large Instrumental Ensemble Music Performance Assessment

This year, District 12 will host two Large Instrumental Ensemble Music Performance Assessments. They will be held on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at Phoenixville High School and on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at Radnor High School. The purpose of the assessment is to provide interscholastic, educationally valid assessment contexts to PMEA member directors of middle and high school large instrumental ensembles.

PMEA member directors in Districts 11 and 12 with middle or high schools with the following large ensembles are invited to participate: Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, String Orchestra. Ensembles will be required to perform two prepared pieces from the recently updated PMEA Selective Music List (or send a request for addition to the list) and will participate in a sight reading assessment.

All requirements can be found on the PMEA website at www.pmea.net under “Conferences and Events” and “Adjudication.” For more information about the D12 MPA, contact our D12 Adjudication Chair, Dan Drew at daniel.drew@rtsd.org.

Fall Inservice Update

Registration for the 2016 Fall Inservice, which is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8th at Great Valley High School, will be going live on Monday, October 3, 2016. The registration packet will be available to download, and registration can be completed online by visiting District 12's website at www.pmea12.org. Payment is due October 17, 2016. Registration fees are $30 for members, $60 for non-members, and $15 for PCMEA members, retired PMEA members and student teachers. Any questions about scheduling can be directed to Shawn Lee at lees@casdschools.org. All other questions regarding the inservice day can be directed to Maryellen Byrne at mbyrne@gvsd.org.

The Fall Inservice day schedule is packed with sessions on topics ranging from world music drumming, conducting, teaching improvisation, middle school general music, rehearsal techniques, exceptional learners, technology, vocal health and instrument repair, as well as reading sessions for band, orchestra, and choral music. Non-PMEA members are welcome to attend, so please share information about the inservice with your colleagues who may not be members. Our keynote speaker will be Colonel Lowell E. Graham, USAF Band Commander and Conductor from 1995-2002.

Day of Music at West Chester University

Middle school students are invited to attend WCU's NAfME Collegiate Chapter's "Day of Music" event on Saturday, February 11th, 2017, from 9 AM - 12 PM. This morning event will feature masterclasses, lessons, and recitals provided by West Chester University Faculty and Music Education students. Registration for this event is $5. The Day of Music will take place at the Swope Music Building on West Chester University's campus. For more info, contact WCU NAfME Collegiate Community Outreach Chair, Morganne Piestrak, at MP842921@wcupa.edu.
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Report from D12 General Membership Meeting

On April 28, 2016 Craig Snyder and Erin Kauppila presided over a general membership meeting held at Penncrest High School. The following agenda items, and progress with each, are noted below:

Nominations for Open Seats on the District 12 Board:

Festival Coordinator - filled by Jack Hontz

Adjudication Chair - filled by Dan Drew

Middle School PD - filled by Shawn Lee

Adoption of Policies and Procedures for District Auditions:

Dr. Kauppila presented a "cleaned up" version of our audition policies and procedures, which was adopted by the attendees.

Discussion of Scale Policy Revision:

Dr. Folkert Kadyk presented an alternative system of scale adjudication for district auditions. After discussion, the system was not adopted.

Adoption of Repertoire for District Choral Auditions:

Dr. Anthony Mosakowski presented an updated list of repertoire for auditions, including some pieces in the public domain. These changes were adopted and are implemented for Fall 2016.

Creation of Fest Rotation Calendar:

Mr. George Weaver, along with Fest Coordinator Kathleen Boyer, agreed to complete the fest rotation calendar began by former Fest Coordinator Terri O'Brien. The rotation is being implemented in the Fall of 2016.

High School Festivals 2016-17

Choral and Instrumental Auditions
Saturday, November 19, 2016
Bayard Rustin HS, West Chester
Michael Shoremount, Host

District Band
February 9-11, 2017
Bayard Rustin HS, West Chester
Michael Shoremount, Host

District Chorus
January 12-14, 2017
Penncrest HS
Megan Rozinski, Host

District Orchestra
January 26-28, 2017
West Chester University
Jack Hontz and Jack Hontz Jr, Co-Hosts

Region Band
March 23-25, 2017
Council Rock North HS (District 11)
John Burns, Host

Region Chorus
February 23-25, 2017
Strath Haven HS
John Shankweiler, Host

Region Orchestra
March 9-11, 2017
West Chester East HS
Charles dePasquale, Host

PMEA Annual In Service Conference
April 19-22, 2017
Erie, PA


Since 2005, the Mentor Program has assisted hundreds of members new to the profession. We match teachers just beginning their career with experienced members. We aim to find mentors whose experience will be particularly helpful to you.

PMEA has trained mentors available in every specialty area, instructional level, and demographic area. PMEA mentors are actively teaching in the area and level that they represent. These exemplary professionals are ready to answer any questions music teachers may have about lesson planning, classroom management, professional relationships, and to help brainstorm ideas and discuss problems music educators may be facing in their teaching situation. We also offer this service to experienced teachers who find themselves suddenly teaching a new level or specialty area.

Members request a mentor by contacting the program chair who networks them with someone in a similar position. The mentor and the mentee determine how they will communicate and how often. Most of the contact is done via technology and may be as little as a one-time question or as much as an on-going professional relationship. While mentees and mentors know each other, participation in the program itself remains confidential.

Program Goals:

· To improve music teaching in Pennsylvania

· To retain promising music educators

· To promote the well-being of early service teachers

· To provide support to early service educators

· To identify future leaders of the organization

No question is too small or too big.

Contact Teri Myers, Mentor Program Chair: tmyers@altoonasd.com

2017 District 12 Teacher Grant

Do you have a special project in your music class that you need financial support to see it become reality? PMEA District 12 will again be offering teacher grants to PMEA District 12 member music teachers to assist them with resources to fund projects in their classroom. We are able to offer up to $500.00 for three PMEA members in District 12. Requirements are that you are actively teaching in a school, your PMEA membership is current, and you completely fill out the application and return it to Henry Pearlberg by February 3, 2017. Grants will be awarded by June 2, 2017. Grant award winners will be asked to write a future article for the District 12 newsletter to share how the grant helped their students.

Applications for the 2017 PMEA Teacher Grant will be posted on the District 12 website.

Treasurer's Financial Report: 2015-16

Balance on 7/1/15: $28,923.97

Balance on 6/30/16: $30,912.72

Total Income: $18,412.41

Total Expenses: $16,423.66

Festivals: $5,056.93

Fall Inservice: $2,511.36

D12 Administrative: ($2,884.54)

Other (scholarships, grants, etc.): ($2,695.00)