Racial Inequality

Segregation then

American schools, and every part of society were segregated by law. Groups such as the KKK held mass public rallies against blacks, even dragged black people out of their homes.

Brown vs. Board of education

in 1954 an 8 year old black girl that had to travel miles away to go to an all black school when an all white school was very close to her. The Supreme Court ruled that school segregation went against the constitution.

Why was it a problem?

How is it today?

Segregation in schools

Segregated schools have higher concentrations of poverty, much lower test scores, less experienced teachers, and fewer AP courses. Black students were 3 times as likely to attend schools where fewer than 60 percent of the teachers met all state certification.
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Segregation in Cities Today

Milwaukee Wisconsin is the most segregated city

2010 census data-had a score of 67.9 of dissimilarity. scores over 60 shows high segregation
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