New York Journal

September 12, 1850

California Becomes American State

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People gather into California as it becomes an American state.

The 31st State of America

On September 9, the 31st state of America, California, was born. Originally under control of the Mexican government, newcomers from the United States to earn profit from the gold rush have taken the past couple years to influence California under the American Government. Last year, Delegates created a constitution for California, giving basic American right. California's constitution is also the first to include basic rights regarding married women.

Over the past year, delegates from the North and South have debated over allowing California being an American state. At last, the have created the Compromise of 1850. This compromise says that the South must accept California as a free state, one which does not allow slaves. Within the Compromise, it is also listed that the North cannot help slaves with their process towards hopeful freedom in Northern states and other countries.

To many, California has viewed as a great achievement for America. It has given America a substantial land on the west side of this land, making room for America to gain territory across more land in the future.

Mills Continuing to Change Workers Lives

As more people continue to move to America, many jobs are needed throughout the growing country. With such a movement, many are willing to take whatever job that is open to them, even if it risks their health. Several different mills systems are willing to take the newcomers as well as farmers and women who are willing to change to these new lives.

More mill systems are being created, which makes more competition for mills around them. One system has been able to stay high within competition is the Lowell System. This system only hires young, unmarried women, making it a spotlight for those who want to experience a different life besides the farms before they are married off. Though it is viewed as a great experience, many are not benefiting from it. Those who do work in the Lowell System are usually sending all their money back home, helping out family who needs the money the most.

The closest competition that the Lowell System has is the Rhode Island system. This system is more open to entire families and provides housing for the family

With this rough life in the Lowell System, as well as many other systems doing similar acts, people are continuing to set up strikes and labor reforms. Though these seem like actions that can change an entire company's view, many of these acts aren't doing well at all. People realize that this is all they can get, so they have to turn towards what they are already doing.

Due to this new life, many craftsmen are working in factories themselves. The luxuries they make are no longer appealing to people now that interchangeable parts and mass production is changing America into a revolution.

Throughout America, we now see how almost everyone is looking for the opportunity to turn towards this new revolution.

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The picture above shows the Boston Mill, one of the many mills changing they way America works.

Samuel Slater - Changing America's Textile Industry

Born on June 9, 1768, Samuel Slater is one who continues to show the growth of textile industry. Even with his death on April 21, 1835, we still see what he has done for America. Slater came to America to show a more efficient way to make cloths, using sewing mills to create a faster process. Slater teamed up with Eli Whitney, who was already in America at the time, to help create and grow the idea of sewing mills.

Even though manufacturing from sewing mills continues to grow along with other manufacturing growths, the process has been very slow in America.

Many Americans still want to live off of imported goods from international manufacturers, while others want America to completely run off of American goods. Americans are also saying that Americans should live off of some Americans goods and international goods as well. With many debating sides and not wanted to change towards a manufacturing life, the process has been slow, but people such as Slater and Whitney have been there to gear the way, even after their deaths.


The Journal would like to congratulate the following people on their marriage, we wish you all the best!

Kathrine and Stefan Anderson

Mary and Johnathan Jones

Anne and Christopher Smith

The Journal would also like to send out condolences towards the following families for their loves ones who have passed.

The Brown Family - George Brown

The Williams Family - Frank Williams

New Ways to Move People Across America

Today, there are many modes of transportation allowing Americans to get around the country faster than ever. Not only are their ways to get across the water, but their ways to travel across the country mush faster than ever before, even changes to the land itself is help change America.

One change being made are turnpikes across America. Turnpikes are long roads the require a toll before entering them. There are currently over 2,000 miles worth of turnpike roads, which are continuing to grow. This tax is currently benefiting states greatly as they gain money from these roads.

Railroads are seeming to become more popular to get across America. With locomotives being created to get people across the country, there are still many setbacks the railroad system is having at the moment. Many areas that need to be reached are over steep areas which make building railroads complicated, the same problem occurs when curved railroads are being created. Problem with the locomotives themselves occur as well. The engine, which is run by wood, usually catches on fire when being worked, making it a huge safety hazard. Another problem is with the brakes on locomotives, many are simply failing and/or are too hard to control. Even with these setbacks, the railroads are slowly showing great improvements to help people.

One of the most common ways to get around is though water travel. Many people were scared because travelling across water did not seem reliable to them. Even with that view, now many people are turning towards water travel to get across the country. Water travel seems the most comfortable to most, and with the cheap cost it is also most affordable than any other ways of transportation. Water travel also an easy way to move freight across. With so many people wanting to use water travel, states are building canals, or man made waterways, to get taxes from these people as well as more access towards these states. Water travel is one of the fastest growing ways of transportation to help people access different parts of America.

These ways of transportation now allow Americans to discover places they have never been before.

Editorial: Telegraphs in The Home

William Smith

I believe that telegraphs should not be in the home. They are pointless in a home because of its expense as well as making contact with people. Many people can simple cannot afford something like this, even with the price slowly going down. When very people have a machine like this, they will have no one to contact due to the amount of people who can afford such a thing. Even with a large amount of people looking towards buying one due to its 'great' communication, it is simply not worth it. People will soon become addicted to communicating in such a form like this. Nobody will talk together in public, instead they will want to stay in their home and communicate through telegraphs. To me, the telegraph seems like a waste to technology, people need to talk together with eye contact, not symbols, it is going the original and only way people should communicate.

By Rayyana Hassan