Cyberbullying! Problem? Or Not?

By Cori Carlson and Dani Gulden

First Things First

There are many types of bullying, but the United States has a major problem with cyberbullying, in fact there are many solutions that teens like you can put into action. Let me remind you, it does not only occur on the computer, but many other technological devices too and can lead to serious consequences.

Problem- What is cyberbullying and who is involved with this problem?

To start off with, cyberbullying is bullying that takes place on electronic technology. This electronic techonology includes cell phones, computers, and tablets. This bullying intensionaly hurts people by texting or emailing rumors or posting embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles on social networking sites. Also cyberbullying occurs amoung young people. Adults can do the same thing, but it is then called cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking. (, 2013)

The human rights that get violated in cyberbulling include the following: don't discriminate, cyberbullying can use distinction with your words and/or posts; no torture, any bullying, including cyberbullying, tortures a human being mentally and/or emotionally; freedom of expression, you do have the freedom to seek, recieve, and impart information and ideas throught any media and regardless of frontier, which cyberbullying interferes with.

Problem- When did it start and why do people cyberbully?

Next, the start of cyberbullying occured in the early to mid 1990's because this at this time the internet started to become a daily use. People cyberbully partly because it takes less energy to hurt someone behind a computer screen than in person. Then again, kids may cyberbully because they are motivated by anger, revenge, frustration, for entertainment, laughs, or maybe to just get a reaction. (Teri Breguet, 2007)

Problem- Where does cyberbullying occur and how major is it?

Also, the act of cyberbullying occurs in online chatrooms, emails, text messages, and on online social networking cites with photos and posts. This is a major problem because about 13 million kids ages 6 to 17 are victims of cyberbullying. About 8% of this 13 million kids have attempted commiting suiside, and 15% of the cyberbullying occurs in texts and emails. (Nick Hunter, 2012) In a 2006 poll, 1 in 3 teens and 1 in 6 preteens have been victims of cyberbullying as more youths have access to computers and cell phones. (KidsHealth Cyberbullying, 2013)

Solution- What can I do as a teen? Is there any organizations to help?

Educating yourself about cyberbullying, its effects, and how to help prevent, report cyberbullying, and speak up towards cyberbullying is a way to get involved to help with this issue. There are also many other ways to get involved, like setting up a website to get help with such bullying and calling 1-800-273-9255 if you feel hopeless/helpless or if you know someone that does due to cyberbullying. Some organizations that help with this issue include the ETCB organization,,,,,, and the SafteyWeb at (Anne Rooney, 2010)

Do you think that there is a problem?

I have read the stories by victims of cyberbullying, and I feel like something should be done about this problem.

Here is a chart made from a poll token in 2010 stating experiences with cyberbullying by gender. (Cyberbullying Research Center, 2013)

This video tells you about cyberbullying in a visual way.



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