discover Japanese culture


You will be pen pals with a student from Japan! You will need to learn as much as you can about life in Japan so you can compare and contrast their culture and our culture in the United States. Some topics you are going to research are: clothing, sports, food, and school.


You will be writing a friendly letter to a second grade student in Japan. Your letter will include an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you will tell a little bit about yourself. In the body, you will compare and contrast the culture of Japan and the culture of the United States. Then, you will wrap up your letter in your conclusion paragraph!


Visit the websites to learn more about Japanese clothing, food, sports, and school.

Use KidSpiration to take notes on your learning. You need at least 3 details for each topic. This will be your graphic organizer to help you write your friendly letter!

Click here for KidSpiration Example






Use the rubric below to help you self-assess. This is how you will be graded on your friendly letter! Print this Google Doc out and circle the points you deserve.


Congratulations, you have explored and learned a lot about the Japanese culture and children your age in Japan! Think about what you have learned and what you decided to include in your friendly letter. What is the same about the two cultures? What is so different? What surprised you the most? Would you want to visit Japan? Would you want to live and go to school in Japan? What do you think your pen pal will think of our culture here in the United States? What will your pen pal think of your letter?