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The MIghty Knight Connection - May 2015 - Issue 17

Buckingham Elementary School

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Important Announcements

QUEST Program Coming to Central Bucks Elementary Schools

In time for the start of the 2015-2016 school year, QUEST (Questioning and Understanding through Engineering, Science, and Technology) will be a new "fifth" special for elementary students in grades 1-6.

Please visit the District's QUEST link to learn more about the program.

Visit the Parent FAQ's.

Staff Appreciation Dates - May

  • Staff Appreciation Day - Tuesday, May 5th
  • School Nurse Appreciation Day - Wednesday, May 6th

PSSA's 2015 Complete

Congratulations to our students for completing the 2015 PSSA's. All year, our Buckingham 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grade children have worked very hard at learning new things, enduring through challenges and identifying what it takes to be a student. As we continue at Buckingham for the remainder of the year - work hard and strive to be your best every day. We attend a special school and I am proud of each of you for making Buckingham a great place to learn.

-Mr. Funseth

Buckingham's May: Manner of the Month

If you watch sports, you have seen it many times: Hockey players lining up to shake hands after a 7-game play-off; Football players shaking hands after four quarters of hard hits; Soccer players exchanging jerseys after an 90 minutes of footwork.

It seems like competitors in every event, from spelling bees to hockey, behave this way. What's going on?

Sportsmanship - A great tradition in competitions that means playing clean and handling both victory and defeat with grace, style, and dignity.

  • playing fair
  • following the rules of the game
  • respecting the judgment of referees and officials
  • treating opponents with respect

You demonstrate good sportsmanship when you show respect for yourself, your teammates, and your opponents, for the coaches on both sides, and for the referees, judges, and other officials.

Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude - and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you. With Field Day this month - let's show one another great Sportsmanship at Buckingham!

-Mr. Rosica & Mr. Durie

News & Upcoming Events

School Calendar


May 5 - Teacher Appreciation Day

May 5 - Spirit Day - "Favorite Hobby Day"

May 5 - Spirit Day Assembly - "Crabgrass Puppet Theater"

May 6 - School Nurse Appreciation Day

May 6 - 3rd Grade Field Trip - Mercer Museum

May 8 - 5th Grade Ecology - Peace Valley

May 8 - 1st Grade "Mother's Day Tea"

May 12 - 3rd Grade Wax Museum (Hayden)

May 13 - 3rd Grade Wax Museum (Moore)

May 13 - 4th Grade Field Trip - Camden Aquarium

May 15 - 3rd Grade Wax Museum (Story)

May 14 - 1st & 2nd Grade Chorus Concerts; 1st Grade - 6:30PM; 2nd Grade - 7:30PM

May 18 - 4th Grade PEN - Invention Convention (Pine Run)

May 20 - 3rd Grade Field Trip - Academy of Nat. Sciences

May 20 - Market Day - 3:00PM - Gym Lobby

May 21 - 6th Grade Clean Streams (Radcliff, Williams)

May 21 - Parent Volunteer Tea - 11:30AM-1:15PM - Library

May 22 - 2nd Grade Field Trip - Lost River Canyons

May 22 - 6th Grade Clean Streams (Vollman)

May 22 - Science Fair Drop-Off - Gym Lobby

May 25 - No School - Memorial Day

May 26 - Science Fair - School Gym - 6:30PM-8:30PM

May 28 - 1st Grade Field Trip - Story book Theater

May 28 - 3rd Grade PEN Field Trip - Architecture

May 28 - 6th Grade Orientation - Holicong (Students Only)

May 29 - Buckingham FIELD DAY

May 29-31 - District Art Show - Mill Creek

Author Chris Grabenstein Coming to Buckingham

Buckingham is excited to welcome New York Times best-selling author, Chris Grabenstein, this coming June 3rd for all 4th through 6th grade students! His latest book, The Island of Dr. Libris is becoming another big-hit along the lines of his previous books, Mr. Lemoncello's Library, I Funny (Series), Haunted Mystery (Series), and Treasure Hunters (Series with James Patterson). Mr. Grabenstein will be signing purchased books at a discounted rate through the Buckingham Order Form.

Order Form Link - CLICK HERE - Orders due by May 19th. Any questions - Contact Mrs. Kraus - krkraus@cbsd.org

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District Art Show - 5/29-5/31 - Mill Creek Elementary

If interested in supporting Central Bucks Art Department, T-Shirts will be on-sale -

To Print and Order Form: Click Here

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Bucks County World Language Academy

Next year, Buckingham Elementary is planning to host the Bucks County World Language Academy after-school hours Spanish Program. If you would like one or more of your children to participate in the BCWLA, please complete registration by clicking here.

The courses would run three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) as follows:

  • Level 1 Spanish (1st-3rd gr) @ 3:45-4:45pm
  • Level 2 Spanish (4th-6th gr) @ 3:45-4:45pm

For more information, please visit BCWLA online at www.buckscountywla.org or email infobcwla@gmail.com directly.


Melissa G. Harrison

Program Director, BCWLA

(215) 593-9353


Buckingham Science Fair - May 26th!

Science Fair Sign-ups have been sent - don't wait to register for a fun event! On Tuesday, May 26th, the Buckingham Science Fair will decorate our gym with creative projects - full of inquiry/hypothsis/discovery! Please consider participating and in learning more about Science!

CB Cares Boomerang Nominations

May: #37 Personal Power - Young person has a healthy sense of personal power

He/she believes they can effect change and make a difference in their school and/or Community. They believe that they have some control over things that happen in their world, that things don’t just happen to them.

Students/Parents/Teachers, please nominate a Buckingham student by clicking here! In your paragraph, include how your nominee exemplifies this month’s asset. Nominations are due to Mr. Rosica by Wednesday, May 22.

School Happenings

April Showers Bring May Flowers at Buckingham

Because of the Rockin' Roots Student Club, community families, and students from local Scouting programs, our school grounds and courtyard look beautiful! In the fall, each grade-level contributed to planting bulbs at Buckingham and those who visit or drive past the school are benefitting from the hard work and support. Thanks to everybody who has helped make Buckingham beautiful this Spring!
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Geologist Visits 6th Grade

Last week "The Rock Lady" came to visit our Buckingham sixth grade students. Her name is Karen Snow and she brought many samples of rocks and minerals. She discussed her work as a geologist, too.

Buckingham Students - Draw the Future Contest!

Congratulations to our Buckingham Students:

Olivia F. - 2nd Grade - 2nd Place

Aly M. - 2nd Grade - 3rd Place

Jessica M. - 3rd Grade - 3rd Place

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Reptiland School Assembly

Buckingham students enjoyed an animal program that introduced us to the fascinating world of turtles, crocodilians, lizards and snakes. The program used live reptiles from around the world: a tortoise, lizard, alligator and a variety of snakes including a large constrictor. The program covered the ecology and natural history of reptiles.
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Buckingham's Spring Veggie Garden - Planting Begins

Our Spring Garden received its first caring green thumbs of the season in mid-April. Kindergarten Students readied the soil and planted pea seeds in preparation for the warm weather ahead! Our Primary students will be caring for the garden throughout the Spring (Intermediate students participate in the fall). All-students will be "composting" their lunch waste to begin creating nutrient rich-soil, as well. Food grown throughout the summer will be donated to the local food bank!

Buckingham Celebrates Earth Day/Arbor Day 2015

Every Buckingham student received a sapling from the Pennsylvania Game Authority to plant in recognition of Earth Day/Arbor Day. White Pine Saplings were provided to our students - with information on how to plant. Children learned about the importance of our forests and in helping preserve the environment.

From the Buckingham PTO

Thank You Teachers - From the Buckingham PTO!

The PTO is happily throwing a THANK YOU luncheon for our teachers and staff on May 5th in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful staff of teachers that encourage and inspire our children every day. Thank you Buckingham Teachers!

Harlem Wizards

Tickets are currently ON SALE for the Buckingham Mighty Knight Staff game versus the Harlem Wizards. There are still great seats available - but our Courtside Ticket Package has SOLD OUT. For more information on tickets, CLICK HERE.

To see a video about what the evening will be all about, Watch This!

An in-School assembly (Students Only) will be on May 11th where we welcome a Harlem Wizards Player Representative to Buckingham (They probably want to "Size-Up" their Mighty Knight competition)! Besides our ticket order form, we will have Harlem Wizard tickets on sale at lunch on May 11th. Send $ on that date if you would like to purchase tickets on the 11th. Advance tickets are $15 per person/$20 at the Door the day of the event. Don't miss out on the most Awe-inspiring basketball show!

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School Mission

We, the Buckingham School Community, foster the academic, social, and emotional growth of our children. We establish a safe environment that encourages collaboration and life-long learning where students accomplish their personal goals. We are committed to supporting children through a well-structured learning environment built upon research-based best practices. The Buckingham School Community is dedicated to developing creative students of character who are responsible, contributing citizens.

Buckingham Elementary School

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Principal's Secretary, Janice Petrie

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Superintendent, Dr. David Weitzel

Assistant Superintendent of Secondary, Dr. Nancy Silvious

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