Walt Disney

biogragphy by Jonathan.z

In 1901 December 5 in Hermosa,Illnois a baby named walt disney was born.He was also an animator he also attended to Mckinley High School in Chicago so he can make drawings and photography classes.But he was 16 years old Walt had to drop out of school and joined the U.S army but he was rejected so he decided to join the Red Cross and was sent to France but it took him a year to drive on ambulance.In 1919 he returned to France.But then he moved back to Kansas City to be a newspaper artist.Also his brother Roy got him a jod at an Art Studio.Walt and Harman made a deal with Kansas City theater to screen their cartoons so they called it the Laugh-O-Grams.In 1925 Disney hired an ink-and-paint artist named Lillian Bounds.A few years later, Walt decided to draw a character named oswald. In year 1929, Walt created a mouse named Mickey Mouse he was also born in 1928.Walt created Silly Symphonies of intruments of characters sometimes they talk in intrumental but some of them dont.He also created Mickeys friends their names were Donald Duck,Goofy,and Minnie.He also created the three cabballaros with two mexican birds and Donald.Walt decided to build a theme park named Walt Disney World.But Walt died in lung cancer on December 15,1966, in Burbank,California.