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In this competitive world, everyone wants to make an edge over others. From automation to link building these SEO tools can make you stand in every type of competition. As what all matters at the end is traffic. Consultants can be expensive and learning the ins and outs of SEO is difficult, so the only option left is using SEO tools.

Using SEO tool you can make your search better and fast, although SEO techniques does not give you instant results but with the help of SEO tools you can improve your search and can get faster results. Nearly every business today spends a lot on SEO; in that case Url Opener proves a boon for those organizations which relies on internet for their leads, sales and promotions. As for many businesses, SEO tools provide highest ROI in investments.

With the free open source SEO tool OnlineUrlOpener, you can now get rid of Copying and pasting URL from your excel sheet in which you have prepared a list of Best visited Bookmarking sites, Blog sites etc. What all you have to do is to copy multiple URLs and paste it in the text area of Online URL Opener. Quick Url Opener helps you to open multiple websites with just one click. Using this tool you can directly open multiple websites instead of opening it one by one in a browser. Based on your browser settings you can open it in a tab or new windows. Not only you can open multiple websites but you can also save list of URLs which gets saved in your browser cookie. You have to be careful while saving it, if you delete our browser history or cookie you will lost all your saved URLs data. You can also check the count of your URL which you have entered in text area of this tool. Multiple Url Opener not only saves your time when you are working with lot of URLs but also adds productivity to your work. It is the best SEO tool, I have ever used. For more details, follow us on the link Online Url Opener