Patriot Press

October 1, 2021

Patriot Principal

Happy Fall!

This is my favorite time of year. I love when the weather cools down and the leaves change. I know it is cliche, but I also take more time to appreciate the things that I am grateful for. One of my favorite things that I do with my own children is a gratitude jar. Each day we fill out something positive that happened in our day that we are grateful for.

Our school year has ramped up and our students are deep in their learning. We had our students take their Fall Reading and Math Inventory, and we are seeing a deficit in our students compared to previous years, but we will work hard and help all of our students be successful. One thing you can help with is encouraging them to read while at home and ask questions in class if they have confusion. We know not all of our students had the same learning opportunities over the last two years, but with hard work and determination, we can get everyone back on track.

I am happy to report that with your support, our "Devious Licks" TikTok challenge caused minimal disruption and damage to our school. I am even happier to report that some of our students have caught on to another TikTok challenge called "Angelic Yields." This challenge asks students to do things to helo out and improve the school. This is one challenge that I can get behind!

I am a little worried about a social media post that is circulating regarding upcoming TikTok challenges for future months. Many of these cross boundaries of sexual harassment and can really get students into extreme trouble. Some include smacking a staff member on the backside, kissing your friends' girlfriend, exposing themselves, touching females, stealing, and flipping off the office. Please parents stay diligent with your conversations with your children and help them to understand the consequences of these behaviors. Stay involved with their social media pages and keep talking with them about what you see.

As part of our TA class this month, we will be focusing on choices and accountability for choices made. We will be tying in the theme of choices and accountability in our digital citizenship and red ribbon week activities and lessons. We are hoping that this will help students think about what they are seeing on TikTok or other social media outlets and make good choices.

Parents, we couldn't do this job without your support. From all of the staff at Eastmont, we thank you. It truly takes a village!

Mrs. Kurtzhals

Reading Inventory Proficiency Data Fall 2021

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Math Inventory Proficiency Data Fall 2021

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From the Counseling Center

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Digital Citizenship

October 18 - 22nd is Digital Citizenship Week! We are planning some fun activities for students to engage with during the week to help them learn about being digital citizens. We will be focusing on our definition of being a digital citizen which is: I effectively and safely use technology to cite, communicate, build inclusive online communities and monitor my digital footprint and wellness.

We added this to our rules of the school this year because we noticed an uptick in our discipline data in regards to the misuse of Chromebooks and cell phones.


We have multiple job openings in our school that we are looking to fill.

  • Para Educators some full time, some part-time up to 28 hours, for both our general education and special education classes.
  • Lunchroom workers and cashiers
  • Afterschool homework help and tutors (Great jobs for high school students).
  • Sweeper positions

Call the school if you would like more information.

Halloween Costume Guidelines

Halloween at Eastmont will be celebrated on Friday, October 29th

Students are to come to school dressed appropriately for the day. If they choose to wear costumes, they must be dress code appropriate.

Inappropriately dressed students will be sent to the office and they will need to change/fix their costume.

The following are things to consider to maintain dress code standards:

  • Leotards and tights are not to be worn alone.
  • Hats are acceptable if they are part of a costume, can be removed for class, and are not a problem in the halls.
  • Costumes should not impair the student’s ability to function in class, sit at a desk, move through the halls, eat lunch, or cross the street.
  • Props or costume parts should not obstruct other students or be a distraction in class.
  • No weapons or facsimile of weapons are allowed.
  • Makeup and colored hair are fine as long as they are applied at home. Do not bring colored sprays to school. No full-face makeup.
  • Costumes must not make fun of any person, culture, race, religion, gender, or political view.
  • Masks are not allowed – your face must be identifiable.

There will be a PTSA sponsored Halloween dance after school on Friday, October 29, from 3:00-4:00 PM in the gym. Students must wear appropriate clothing or costume to the dance as well.

Red Ribbon Week October 25th - 29th

Monday 10/25: Proud to be Drug Free!

  • Wear Red to help kick off Red ribbon week!

Tuesday 10/26: Peace out to drugs!

  • Wear peace signs and/or tie dye.

Wednesday 10/27: Team up against drugs.

  • Wear your favorite sports shirt or jersey.

Thursday 10/28: Lei off drugs

  • Wear a Lei and/or Hawaiian clothes.

Friday 10/29: No bones about it, drugs are a grave mistake.

  • Wear your Halloween costume!

Parent Square

Schools in the Jordan and Hillcrest feeder system are starting a pilot communication program called Parent Square. This program is a method of communication that can allow the school, individual teachers, or parents access to each other regardless of any language barriers. We have not used it yet for any communications but would like to move to this program. Please take a few minutes to add this app to your phone or set up your account on a computer by using this link.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, October 5th
  • Blended Concert Performance. Selected students will perform at Jordan High School in their Blended choir performance.
  • Cross Country practice after school

Thursday, October 7th

  • Cross country practice after school

Saturday, October 9th

  • Cross Country district meet at Jordan High 9AM

Tuesday, October 12 ASSEMBLY SCHEDULE

  • Patriot of the Month Assembly

October 14th and October 15th

  • Fall Recess - No School

October 18th - 22nd

  • Digital Citizenship Week

Wednesday, October 20th

  • School Community Council Meeting 5:30

Thursday, October 21st

  • Monster Bash Debate Tournament @ Indian Hills Middle School

Friday, October 22nd

  • End of 1st Term
  • Student PBIS Incentive Celebration 1:45

October 25 - 29th

  • Red Ribbon Week

October 29th

  • Halloween Dance (Optional) 3-4 PM in the Gym