April 11th - April 15th

Weekly Announcements

Happy Monday!

  • Especially important week!Reading and Math AzMERIT Assessments all week!
  • Due to state test guidelines, Guests, parents, spouses,etc. cannot be in the school during test administration. if someone needs you we'll call you and have you meet in the office.
  • Reading A-Z final Assessments will be administered to students at the end of the year. This will give us an opportunity to use a common assessment. I will not have all the copies to train you on Wednesday therefore, collaboration will be in teams.
  • Mentoring Observation Days are being overlooked planned and scheduled with Monica and Melanie. Mentor teachers,your coach will assist you to set-up your full day observations.
  • I am in classrooms a lot and not in my office,please see Myriam if you need me- she'll find me for you :)

Student/ Staff Culture Goal

Congratulations! Many more classrooms are earning their golden paw! Thank you to all the staff that continue to award paws :)

It looks more orderly in the hallways!

Checkout your graph in the office!

AzMERIT Information

  • Reading and Math for grades 3-6 all week!
  • Please follow your specialists schedules
  • parents cannot be in the classrooms or hallways all week in all Pods- we have test administration allover the school.

Visit the Lounge...

We will have daily "take the test jitters away and help me relax" snacks for all staff!



Enjoy cookies during lunch!

Attendance Goals!!! Summit View's Goal is 95%!

Yearly Averages to Date

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Last Weeks overall average was 95% Woo-Hoo!!!

April Birthdays!

Mary Montano - 2nd
Courtney Shadlock - 5th
Marla Alcoverde - 20th
Elizabeth Quinn - 24th
Maude Jackson - 25th
Denise Bravo - 26th
Julie Allen - 26th
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