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We strive to enlighten educators aspiring to effectively use technology in the classroom.
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Volume 2, Issue 2 (17-18)

In this edition...

What to Know About Classflow

You've probably heard about Promethean Classflow by now, and you probably have questions. Check out the latest news and FAQs so you're ready to go with the 'flow.

Hugh Gnu

Hugh Gnu is back for a gnu school year. Check out his latest tips and other news (or is that "gnus?")

Schoology Corner

Now that you know some of the amazing things that Schoology can do, as per the September 2017 edition of Schoology Corner,” let’s make sure you know how easy it is to login! Click here to watch a short video on how to log into your DPS Schoology account and get started with finding out how Schoology Can Do That!.

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The Educational Technology department of Denver Public Schools is dedicated to ensuring student success through collaboration with all DPS educators and the community to personalize learning and use digital resources effectively, responsibly, and creatively.