Join us for a PLAYDATE!

Friday, Oct. 4th, 8am-3pm

2413 West Maple Avenue

Flint, MI

This is a FREE event!

Lunch is provided.

What is a PLAYDATE?

PLAYDATE is a new kind of conference event.

NO presenters. NO agenda. Just PLAYing.

Think about the last time you attended an ed tech professional learning event. Oftentimes we leave full of new knowledge and a list overflowing with new apps, programs and skills to try out. However, once we return to the "real world" we lack the time and support to actually try out these new tools.

At PLAYDATEs educators from around the area join together for a few hours and just play. They work together to learn about ed tech apps, programs and tools with one another. There are no presenters, no experts and no agenda. Simply time to play, tinker and explore all at no cost!

What happens at a PLAYDATE?

Learning Happens REMC P.L.A.Y.D.A.T.E.s!