The Amazing World of Artime!

By: Julia Bennett


Artime is a fantasy world of magic! Alex is one of the many residents of Artime. He is an art major and has Samheed, Meghan, and Lani as his friends. Artime is a beautiful island with a gleaming ocean where you can go on boat rides and hang out at the beach. Inside the mansion, there is a lounge to socialize with friends. They learn to adjust to this world because they lived in Quill, a desolate place where creativity is not a talent. It is a fear to the High Priest Justine because it could lead to rebellion. The High Priest Justine rules and makes sure there is no sign of creativity.


Artime is located at the gate that separates Quill and Artime. This separation is found at the Atlantic Ocean. This is because Artime and Quill are islands. Artime also has two other connecting islands called the Island of Silence and the Island of Fire!

Learn How to Defend Yourself!

Artime offers classes that will educate you in how to defend yourself with lethal weapons and spells. If you were ever to go into battle, you can learn how to fight using your strongest talents. Take art for example: you will learn how to paint yourself invisible and use art-related spells to defend yourself!

You Will Make so Many New Friends in Artime!

The People in Artime are so Friendly!

Everybody in Artime adds to the positive mood in Artime that you'll be guaranteed to enjoy your visit. Artime's mansion is different from your ordinary hotel... there are tubes that you take you to wherever you need to go! Worried you'll miss your get together with your friends? No worries. With the talking blackboard in your room, you can ask it to remind you and you will never be late for anything!
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Mr. Today

Mr. Today is the head of Artime. He will guide you through your journey. He is the protector to all of the students in Artime and a friend to many. He will hold meetings on the lawn in front of the gate. In Artime, Mr. Today is known as a mage instead of a sage. A mage is a wise magician. Mr. Today is the creator of Artime!


Simber is another living statue. He is a HUGE cheetah! Simber is one of the guarding statues you see when you first enter the mansion! He is another helpful spy. His large wings are bullet-proof which offer an great advantage during battle! Simber is helpful with transportation because he can fly! You definitely want Simber on your side for battle. It's a good idea not to anger him!

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