Salem Plan Released 7/13/20


Returning to Salem Schools

Salem Community School Families

After several weeks of meetings and reviewing guidance from federal, state, and local officials, Salem Community Schools will publish the 2020-21 Return to School plan on Monday, July 13th. This document will become “live” on the corporation website after adoption by the Salem School Board of Trustees Monday night. Covid-19 has created the need for reasonable choices for parents to review, consider, and choose what is best for their families. Parents can choose to return to Salem Schools with on-campus instruction using enhanced safety measures or remain at home and receive online instruction through our Online Lions program.

There are multiple opinions and suggestions on how schools should reopen for the 2020-21 school year. We have learned that the plans we create in the morning may be obsolete by the end of the day with evolving guidance from federal, state, or local officials. We understand that even with two distinct options (on-campus vs. online) we will not satisfy all parents’ wishes on returning to school. For those returning to on-campus instruction some parents will hope for greater restrictions, while others will hope for a return to practices prior to March 16th of last school year. For those choosing the online option, some will hope for full-time instruction in every subject, every day, while others will expect more moderate instruction in a handful of subjects.

We understand that for some families, neither plan will perfectly match their expectations. Physical safety and mental health is the top priority for all our students, staff, and community members and has driven our Return to School plans. It is our hope that one of our options matches or comes close to your expectations to help each family make informed decisions. To execute the online option we will ask parents to enroll their students by Friday, July 24 using the enrollment link on our Return to School Website. We know this is a short window to make a difficult choice for your children and family. I apologize but we need this short time frame to finalize programming and staffing for the in person and online options.

We sincerely look forward to serving our students whether in person or online.

Expect Victory!

Jon Acton - Ed.S


Salem Community Schools