Human Resources

Good & Bad interviews

Giving specific details about yourself is a very important to do in an interview. Also combining them with character traits is very important. Always stay relevant to the job position and company culture.
In a bad interview you take a very long time answering questions. You don't answer with relevancy and you bring in religion and culture which can be considered offensive to some people. Also, you mumble or talk a lot about irrelevant stuff can be considered bad.
Job Interview Tips: Tell me about yourself. Example of a good answer.

Job Descriptions

Highschool Teacher:

i. Job Title: The high school instructional teacher is a highly qualified teacher responsible for the delivery of specified course contet

ii. Responsibilities and Duties:

Support students in their homeroom and coursework and communicate course and school requirements. This includes communicating via Kmail, phone, and Elluminate.

  • Employ asynchronous and synchronous tools to supplement course content.
  • Maintain regular office hours, to be reachable by students or parents.
  • Offer synchronous and asynchronous content and homeroom sessions to support students several times each week.
  • Augment course content in the form of remediation, modification, and enrichment.
  • Implement student's IEPs and attend IEP conferences, as needed.
  • Set deadlines for student work and grant extensions.
  • Face-to-face meetings with students and teaching adult, as scheduled. This may include in-person or online meetings.
  • Grade student work and enter grades into an online grade book in a timely manner (no more than three days without an update in grade book).
  • Ensure needed information is in CAVATest database

  • iii. Qualifications/Requirements:

    Bachelor's degree

  • Three or more years of teaching experience
  • Appropriate state certification
  • Meet highly qualified teacher requirements as stated in No Child Left Behind
  • Shared view of the virtual academy's mission
  • Strong content and subject-matter knowledge
  • Ability to support and guide adults, as well as students
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Organization and time-management skills

  • iv. Salary/Wage/Hourly Pay: