Barack Obama


Barack Obama

Obama was born in a state that had joined the United Sates only 2 years


Barack was born in Hawaii in Honolulu Aug,4,1961

Obama played basket ball he was a very talented left hander.

Obama was accepted to several colleges but he choose Los Angeles.

Barack and Michelle have to daughters Malia and Natasha.

Barack Obama made me want to write a book report a bout him becasue he is a wonderful president.

I learned that you can come from a troubled child hood and still become successful.

Sometimes, when i brought friends home after school, my mother would overhear them remark about the lack of food in the fridge or the less-than-perfect housekepping, and she would pull me aside and let me know that she was a single mother going to school again and raising two kids, so that baking cookies wasn't exactly at the top of her priority list, and while she appericated the fine education I was receiving at Punahou, she wasn't planning on putting up with any snotty attitudes from me our anyone else.

I like this book alot because it tells you achievements of an afican americans.