Grade 1 Newsletter

7th - 10th September 2015


Friday 11th September will be a public holiday - the school will be closed.

Dates for the Diary

  • Friday 11th September - Public Holiday - School Closed

  • Monday 14th September - Book Week- come dressed up Friday 18th September

  • Tuesday 15th September - Grade 1 Mathematics Parent Workshop - 08:00 - 08:30

  • September 14th - 18th - Book Swap

  • Tuesday 22nd September - Excursion to the Toy Museum - G1 HSy & G1AMo

  • Wednesday 23rd September - Excursion to the Toy Museum - G1 JWo

  • Tuesday 29th September - Grade 1 Celebration of Learning - 08:00 -08:30

  • Saturday 28th November - Christmas Fair

  • Grade 1 Mathematics Parent Workshop

    Tuesday 15th September

    8.00 am – 8.30 am

    ES Multi-purpose Room

    We would like to invite you to an Addition & Subtraction workshop, led by class teachers, Ms. Hannah Symons and Mrs Julianna Wong.

    Learning outcomes of the workshop include:

    • To carry out addition & subtraction, with and without regrouping for numbers within 100
    • To learn the method and vocabulary used in class to teach this method
    • To know the importance of knowing number bonds

    Please see the Newsletter for more information about the workshop and how to register your place.

    Grade 1 Celebration of Learning - Tuesday 29th September - 08:00- 08:30

    Our Celebration of Learning event is coming up in a few weeks and we would like all parents to mark their calendars for a morning spent in their child’s classroom, sharing their child’s learning journey. This is their time to showcase the efforts and achievements made. Please remember that this event is well attended by all parents and your child will be really looking forward to sharing their learning with you – they are such enthusiastic hosts!

    Looking forward to seeing you then!

    Highlights of the Week

    We have had a productive week in Grade 1, and a great deal of learning has taken place.

    The children are now fully immersed in our unit of work the Magic Toymaker and are enjoying this immensely.

    Wishing everyone peaceful and enjoyable long weekend.

    The Grade 1 Team

    Language Arts


    In reading we have been working on the fluency CAFE strategy of reading like an author (pacing). This strategy involves reading a text the way the author wrote it to be read, paying close attention to pacing, punctuation and expression.

    We have also been working on making predictions before, and while, we read.


    We have just started our knew unit - an Illustration Study. Through this unit we will be learning about how to use our illustrations effectively as part of our writing, and using illustrations to stimulate our writing. This week we looked closely at some of Bob Graham's illustrations, and how they impact on the books he writes. We have also been exploring how we can use illustrations to get ideas for writing.

    Spelling and Phonics

    This week we have been focusing on or (storm) and er (flower).


    The handwriting for this week has been focused on the re join, and we have continued to revise the formation of the letters of the alphabet.


    Now that we have understood the concept behind the algorithm of a vertical working, we applied our mathematical skills in working through the algorithm of adding two 2-digit numbers with regrouping, to solving mathematical word problems involving addition within 40.

    We learnt the CUBES method to help us in our problem-solving:

    C - Circle key numbers

    U - Underline the question

    B - Box any mathematical action words, e.g. add, joined

    E - Write the equation(s)

    S - Solve and check

    We also learnt that sometimes acting out the problem or imagining it take place in our heads, can help us to better understand what the problem is about.

    Next week, we will move on to Subtraction within 40.

    IPC - The Magic Toymaker

    The children thoroughly enjoyed our Entry Point to the Magic Toy Maker. Please enjoy the photographs.

    This week we have been focusing on the Key Learning Goal - History 1.6: Be able to identify differences between their own lives and those of other people who have lived in the past.

    We have been looking at the painting 'The Toy Shop' by Peter Blake. We discussed whether or not this was a modern toy shop or a toy shop from the past. We looked at the toys in the window and discussed whether or not these toys are still available today, and if they are, do they look the same or are they different? This activity led to lots of rich discussion about toys from the past and the near past, toys we play with now and what toys might look like in the future.

    The children look forward to sharing with your their own drawings of a toy shop window.

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    Virtue of the Week: Responsibility!

    'The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.'

    Denis Waitley

    This week the children have been working on showing the virtue of responsibility. We are responsible when we do what we say we will do and show our self discipline. When we are responsible we take care of our belongings! Please use the language of the virtues at home and acknowledge your child when you see them showing their responsibility!

    Looking Ahead

    Next week we will working on the virtue of excellence!