Elaina's awesome weekend

hope you like

First day

on the first day Friday i stayed home all day and i played minecraft and i watched YouTube.Then i had to do the dishes so BORING.but then i found a vary funny cat video.then my mom got home and it was like do this do that but then she got us MC and KFC.then i went to bed!!!!

second day

On the second day i played soccer and there was a very BIG cheater but that is okay it was fun.Then i went to my grandmas and we had lunch and supper there and i had birthday cake. Then we went to bed.
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last day

On the last day we we drove back home and we got so tired so when we got home we gust sat and sat.And then i cleaned my room and i did all of that stuff so that is the end of my poster and i hope you have a good night!!!
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