Best Beaches To Visit

Best Beaches to visit in Bali, Indonesia

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Bali, one of the favorite spot for tourist visiting Indonesia is a must visit. If you love going places for your holidays, Bali should be on your list. Whether it is for honeymoon or with families, times at Bali will always be memorable and exciting. The place is known for its many famous beaches. So, if you are a water baby, just make sure that you do not miss Bali., a travel guide website has researched and firsthand information about Bali. If you are not familiar with the place, you can visit the website and learn more about Bali.

If you are visiting Bali and have no time to visit all the beaches, you can read about the best beaches. With this information, you will understand which beach to visit with just little time on your hand. If you love surfing, Balangan Beach located at the tip of Bali is the right beach for you.

Whether you are a professional surfer or an amateur, the beach has the right wave. You can also find freelance instructors who can give you basic ideas on surfing. Gerger Beach is for those who love swimming. The place has soft rolling waves and the green blue water makes the place look magical.

You can also enjoy a game of volleyball and take sunbath. Ungasan, the prettiest beach in southern part of Bali with vivid blue water has clear blue water. Though you might have to pay a big sum to enter the beach, it is worth the money. Sanur, Soka, and Amed beaches are some of the best places in Bali.

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