Let me introduce myself. My name is Ali Stitle Schwebel and I am a Pi Chapter Chi Omega, but from when you ladies were still in single digits :) College is such an amazing time, I hope you are able to revel in it. This sisterhood has given me some of my best friends. And that is why we are back this weekend, to reconnect with each other.

Because of the sisterhood we share, I want to share something else with you that is dear to my heart. Beautycounter. Have you heard of us? If you haven't, I guarantee you will soon. We are a visionary brand that is out to truly change the personal care industry. We sell safer, high performing, and chic personal care products and cosmetics. But why should you care? Think about the number of products you put on your skin daily. Think of the amount of chemicals in each of those products. We are literally putting hundreds of chemicals on our bodies multiple times a day that are absorbing into our blood stream. Would it surprise you to know that most of those ingredients aren't regulated? Aren't tested for safety? That the personal care industry is basically the wild west? Anything goes. Beautycounter is out to change that. We want more regulation and we lobby in Washington for it, but until that happens we have created a solution. A brand that is completely transparent. A brand that doesn't think women should have to chose between her health and beauty. A brand that has a Never List of over 1500 ingredients. That's 1500 ingredients we will never use in our products, compared to the 11 ingredients the US currently bans.

This company is different. It is special. I would love to help you all in your introduction to the brand. This little goody bag has a sample for each of you, but also a gift certificate that can be redeemed when you shop with me. My contact info in on my card and so is my website. I would love to hear from you!

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