To Kill a Mockingbird

by Joey Hansel

Growing Up



  • regular kid
  • thinks life is fair

Middle (Trial) -

  • things happen to show world is not fair
  • people get spit on
  • blacks aren't treated fairly
  • people dont follow the law

End -

  • not as kiddish
  • grew up fast
  • more mad at the world
  • everyone is not treated equal
  • not everything is fair
  • people have different definitions of fair example an eye for an eye



  • the radley house getting close enough to look in windows
  • walked on the steps and got close


  • scout got stabbed
  • jem broke his lag when they where attacked by Mr.Ewell Jem fought back


  • standing up for what you believe in
  • doesn't matter if people like you or not