Career Path

Cooper Winiger

My job is a General and a operations Manager. Usually the average day in this field of work is coordinating and organizations daily activities, develop policies, oversee budget activities, or review sales reports. In the next 10 years there are expected to be around 420,100 job openings in this field.

To get ready to be a general manager, you should take some pre-college clases. LISD offers a few, such as Principles of Business,Marketing, and Finance, Business Information Management 1, and Business Law. To be a general manager you have to have more than a college degree, you have to have values some of which are balance, commitment, and experiance.

MIT Sloan Managment School

MIT Sloan Managmenet School has a lot of opportunities for people to get their degree in Management, Operation Managment, and Masters Operation Management. The average cost of every class is around $5,000-6,000. In these classes, you learn to manage a business and learn to have better people skills.